Age-ism: Age-Denial or Age-Shame?

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Accept this age thing without age-denial or age-shame.

Good statement.  Says a lot.

Age-denial – let’s see – so that would be getting my face “done”, my butt lifted, my boobs implanted, covering my gray hairs, dressing like I’m twenty-something?  Age-denial sounds like an oxymoron to me.  How do I deny age?  I started aging the instant I took my first breath, or actually while in the womb!

Denying my own age sets up a prejudice against myself.  How could I embrace my aging if I am actively denying it?  Is my older self not as good as my younger self? How could I possibly own and sustain a magnificence of self?

Accepting my age and who I have become because of my age is an accomplishment to be proud of.  All aging is successful, otherwise you are dead.

Age-shame – let’s see – being horrified if someone knows my age, not celebrating birthdays for the same reason, making excuses “I’m just too old for that”, “I’m having a senior moment”, etc.  Think of how often you might say things like that.

American culture is brutally youth-centric.

I’m not saying aging is easy.  We all have things we are concerned about as we age – running out of money, getting sick, being alone, and discrimination as in age-ism (much like sex-ism or race-ism!)

Denying who I am, how old I am or how I look creates an artificial, destructive and unsustainable division between who I am and who I am to become.  And if one is 50, it’s very possible that another 40 years awaits the greatest possibilities.

That’s pro-aging.  Doing whatever it takes to make this new chapter the best ever:

  • Figuring out the money thing as best you can,
  • Eating real food (not boxed food),
  • Moving that amazing body of yours every day,
  • Creating community and thinking of aging as an honor and a privilege, because that is what it is. 


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This could be a rather provocative subject.  Do you deny your age, and if so, why?