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Do Enough Push Ups, Eat Enough Fiber and Delay Aging – Oh Really?

Some folks think if they do enough push ups or eat enough fiber, they will delay aging indefinitely.  Exercising with that focus is a way of not dealing with the inevitable – aging is a natural process – whether we women like it or not.  Eventually, physical aging will catch up and that reality will be [...]

Are You A Two-Faced Hypocrite About Your Aging?

In the Good Old Days, No One Did Anything About Their Aging This post is from an article written by Debora L. Spar, president of Barnard College in NYC. Aging and My Beauty Dilemma Debora considers herself and her peers liberal, feminist-leaning, a highly educated peer group. She is "ideologically opposed to intervening in such [...]

Do You Fit Into This U-Curve of Happiness?

The Myth:  The story is that older folks are unhappy.  Where do you fit in the U-Curve of Happiness? The Truth:  People are happier in the beginning and the end of their lives than any other time. A Study:  A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, which focused on a sampling of people ages [...]

The Season of Aging

Here in southwest Colorado, we have four glorious distinct seasons.  The “season” I am experiencing now is not like the four seasons of the year that I know will be coming back each year I celebrate another birthday.  This Season of Aging - it's finite.  As each year of seasons move through my time awareness, I adjust.  Sometimes I am [...]

Time to Let Go – of Llama Trekking!

Time to Let Go of Llama Trekking As I am getting older, I see things changing in my life and my body.  Not sure where to start on this one as it is a subject that pulls at my heart.  Needing to hike a little slower uphill in these Colorado mountains, running and then walking [...]

Age-ism: Age-Denial or Age-Shame?

Accept this age thing without age-denial or age-shame. Good statement.  Says a lot. Age-denial – let’s see - so that would be getting my face “done”, my butt lifted, my boobs implanted, covering my gray hairs, dressing like I’m twenty-something?  Age-denial sounds like an oxymoron to me.  How do I deny age?  I started aging [...]

The Origin of Feminine Submission: The Chalice or the Blade?

The Origin of Feminine Submission:  The Chalice or the Blade? Riane Eisler in her book The Chalice and the Blade asks the question “Why is our world so full of man’s infamous inhumanity to man – and to woman?” Historically, Societies Were Partnership Based According to Eisler there were ancient societies, in prehistory Western civilization, [...]

Not Sure What is Happening to Me…

Restless, lost, lacking purpose.  Seems strange to think this, write this, and even tell anyone about this, even myself.  One of my intents for myself and the women of Women Aging Proud is to have integrity with ourselves and each other; to acknowledge our challenges, to speak them out loud and to know we are [...]

The Humor of Aging

In light of shifting the conversation from "anti-aging" to "pro-aging" and having a little fun with this aging thing, I'm including a few positive stats around aging and a few cartoons to include the humor of aging.  Let's lighten up a bit about aging - for so many it is so serious! Today a [...]

Sexual Peak vs. Hormonal Peak – A Big Difference

As you can see by my picture, I'm feeling impish talking about sex and aging.  You okay with this conversation? Sexual Peak:  The concepts of a biologically predetermined "sexual peak" is mostly made up.  Sexual peaks have no age cap. Hormonal Peak:  Men hit their "hormonal peak" around 18, and for women it's in their mid-20s. Mark Goldstien [...]