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“It’s Cool Being Older – I Still Get Hit On”

"I think it's cool being older - I still get hit on.  People are always telling me how beautiful I am now.  It's like they are almost incredulous because the old stereotype is that we shouldn't get more beautiful with age.  I have respect for the body and live in harmony with nature: that's where [...]

96 Year Old Yoga Teacher “Age is Just a Number”

Tao Porchon-Lynch is the Guinness-certified world's oldest yoga teacher.  At 96 she is still teaching.   She marched with Gandhi in the 1930s, fought in the French Resistance in the '40s, hobnobbed in Hollywood in the '50s, took up competitive ballroom dancing at the age of 87 and is still going strong. Click on link [...]

Can You Even Imagine Doing This?

My best friend.  Age 54 one year ago.  Yoga on paddle board on water.  I can barely do this on my living room floor!   Stay in shape ladies.  My previous post said we have mega years to live yet.  It's not too late to get that body in shape.  Pick some exercise (any kind is [...]

Ladies – Curious as to How Long You Could Live?

Gail Sheehy in her book New Passages, Mapping Your Life Across Time notes some pretty amazing longevity statistics for us ladies. "A woman who reaches age 50 today - and remains free of cancer and heart disease - can expect to see her ninety-second birthday.5" "Even when all women, sickly or well, from every income group [...]

Never Too Old for a Party

Brooke Aster, at 98 glorious years, said "I grow more intense as I age, and I am more passionate about the projects I believe in.  I still enjoy getting dressed elegantly in the evening and making an "entrance" at a party." Taken from Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson

Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson

I just found the most magnificent book by Joyce Tenneson Wise Women.   "Tenneson found women who were vital, energetic, and deeply beautiful, inside and out.  Many confided to her that they had never been happier or as in touch with their deeper powers." The images in her book are women ranging in age from sixty-five [...]

Aging – Inspiration From a Friend

My friend Cindy O’Krepki has a great blog called Simple Pleasures Everyday Love.  She wrote a tribute to me “People Who Inspire”.  It was an honor for me to have this amazing woman say in her write-up, “I want to be like Gail when I grow up!”  Enjoy the slide show.  Below is her content: "Meet Gail Davidson, a Simple [...]