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Do Enough Push Ups, Eat Enough Fiber and Delay Aging – Oh Really?

Some folks think if they do enough push ups or eat enough fiber, they will delay aging indefinitely.  Exercising with that focus is a way of not dealing with the inevitable – aging is a natural process – whether we women like it or not.  Eventually, physical aging will catch up and that reality will be [...]

The Season of Aging

Here in southwest Colorado, we have four glorious distinct seasons.  The “season” I am experiencing now is not like the four seasons of the year that I know will be coming back each year I celebrate another birthday.  This Season of Aging - it's finite.  As each year of seasons move through my time awareness, I adjust.  Sometimes I am [...]

Age-ism: Age-Denial or Age-Shame?

Accept this age thing without age-denial or age-shame. Good statement.  Says a lot. Age-denial – let’s see - so that would be getting my face “done”, my butt lifted, my boobs implanted, covering my gray hairs, dressing like I’m twenty-something?  Age-denial sounds like an oxymoron to me.  How do I deny age?  I started aging [...]

The Humor of Aging

In light of shifting the conversation from "anti-aging" to "pro-aging" and having a little fun with this aging thing, I'm including a few positive stats around aging and a few cartoons to include the humor of aging.  Let's lighten up a bit about aging - for so many it is so serious! Today a [...]

How to Wash Your Brain and Escape Gravity

Nothing like a head rush and turning your organs upside down! Crazy right?  I was visiting one of my boys and they had this fancy dancy inversion contraption that took up a lot of space and was rather challenging to get in and out of. I remembered that I had one at home collecting cobwebs in a [...]

Women and Water – What You Are Missing

Women and Water.  Ladies - you are 80 to 90% water.  Your brain is 90% water.  That is a lot of water and yet about 90% of us are chronically dehydrated. Which shows as aches and pains, brain fog, wrinkles on the face, dry skin on the body, leg cramps, overheating (not necessarily hot flashes but [...]

Brains or Looks – Which One For You?

Sadly, I still think of what's wrong with me as a woman.  How about having long Tina Turner legs, thinner thighs, and not such a red face? You know by now, I am the loudest proponent of Women Aging Proud, and even if I don't like it, I still think these things.  Dam! It was drilled into me as [...]

Ladies – Some Guy Humor for Us

This was funny enough and so true.  I hope you get a laugh out of it.  I hike with a group of men and women - the men try to figure out how to get across, the women walk upstream or downstream and cross easily. Three Men on a Hike Three men were hiking through [...]

The Awkward Place of Aging

Moving from a "Younger" Woman to an "Older" Woman Sometime between the ages of 45 and 55 I wasn’t sure of whom I was as a woman, at least from an age perspective. It was a kind of limbo, knowing I was leaving the younger woman that I considered myself to be and at the [...]

Go Back to When You Were a Kid

Go back to when you were a kid... and remember the first time you balanced on a two wheeler without anyone holding on to the seat.   I was 8 years old.  I had a big blue klunky 28" Schwinn two wheeler, the latest in bike tech. My bike was just like this, a picture [...]