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How to Wash Your Brain and Escape Gravity

Nothing like a head rush and turning your organs upside down! Crazy right?  I was visiting one of my boys and they had this fancy dancy inversion contraption that took up a lot of space and was rather challenging to get in and out of. I remembered that I had one at home collecting cobwebs in a [...]

Women and Water – What You Are Missing

Women and Water.  Ladies - you are 80 to 90% water.  Your brain is 90% water.  That is a lot of water and yet about 90% of us are chronically dehydrated. Which shows as aches and pains, brain fog, wrinkles on the face, dry skin on the body, leg cramps, overheating (not necessarily hot flashes but [...]

Brains or Looks – Which One For You?

Sadly, I still think of what's wrong with me as a woman.  How about having long Tina Turner legs, thinner thighs, and not such a red face? You know by now, I am the loudest proponent of Women Aging Proud, and even if I don't like it, I still think these things.  Dam! It was drilled into me as [...]