The Humor of Aging

In light of shifting the conversation from "anti-aging" to "pro-aging" and having a little fun with this aging thing, I'm including a few positive stats around aging and a few cartoons to include the humor of aging.  Let's lighten up a bit about aging - for so many it is so serious! Today a [...]

Sexual Peak vs. Hormonal Peak – A Big Difference

As you can see by my picture, I'm feeling impish talking about sex and aging.  You okay with this conversation? Sexual Peak:  The concepts of a biologically predetermined "sexual peak" is mostly made up.  Sexual peaks have no age cap. Hormonal Peak:  Men hit their "hormonal peak" around 18, and for women it's in their mid-20s. Mark Goldstien [...]

Are You a Delicious Being?

No matter your age, and as long as you are still inside your body, you are a sexual being. A popular myth for women of age:  As you become older, you are less desirable and a less delicious sexual being. The story goes that after 50 or more, or whenever menopause occurs, women have been brainwashed [...]

Ladies, Are You 45 or So and Feeling Like This?

I asked this question to a small group of women recently who were mid-forties, approaching fifty.  "What is your most challenging thing about getting older as a woman?" Having my face, boobs and butt go south. Losing my mind to Alzheimer's. Facial wrinkles. Not seeming like a sexual being to the world. I don't think it's [...]

“It’s Cool Being Older – I Still Get Hit On”

"I think it's cool being older - I still get hit on.  People are always telling me how beautiful I am now.  It's like they are almost incredulous because the old stereotype is that we shouldn't get more beautiful with age.  I have respect for the body and live in harmony with nature: that's where [...]