Facial and Body Changes of Aging

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Women and Water – What You Are Missing

Women and Water.  Ladies - you are 80 to 90% water.  Your brain is 90% water.  That is a lot of water and yet about 90% of us are chronically dehydrated. Which shows as aches and pains, brain fog, wrinkles on the face, dry skin on the body, leg cramps, overheating (not necessarily hot flashes but [...]

Brains or Looks – Which One For You?

Sadly, I still think of what's wrong with me as a woman.  How about having long Tina Turner legs, thinner thighs, and not such a red face? You know by now, I am the loudest proponent of Women Aging Proud, and even if I don't like it, I still think these things.  Dam! It was drilled into me as [...]

A Different Kind of Crones Disease

I live in an intentional community in south west Colorado, just outside of Durango.  The women take the opportunity to have ritual. When a young girl becomes a woman, having entered her bleeding time, all the women come together and honor her. She is dressed like a goddess, surrounded with flowers, and placed in the center of our circle [...]

Are You a Delicious Being?

No matter your age, and as long as you are still inside your body, you are a sexual being. A popular myth for women of age:  As you become older, you are less desirable and a less delicious sexual being. The story goes that after 50 or more, or whenever menopause occurs, women have been brainwashed [...]

Over 45? The Vanity Crisis

So you are 45 or older.  You've done one of two things - rushed off to the hair colorists, the cosmetic surgeons while struggling to hang on to the few remaining strongholds of your changing body or you threw up your hands in complete submission and took on the Barbara Bush model. Whether you like it [...]