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The Humor of Aging

In light of shifting the conversation from "anti-aging" to "pro-aging" and having a little fun with this aging thing, I'm including a few positive stats around aging and a few cartoons to include the humor of aging.  Let's lighten up a bit about aging - for so many it is so serious! Today a [...]

Go Back to When You Were a Kid

Go back to when you were a kid... and remember the first time you balanced on a two wheeler without anyone holding on to the seat.   I was 8 years old.  I had a big blue klunky 28" Schwinn two wheeler, the latest in bike tech. My bike was just like this, a picture [...]

Thoughts that Can Alter our Aging Genes and Bodies

"In 1981, eight men in their 70s and 80s attended a five-day retreat at a monastery in Peterborough, NH, organized by Harvard University, where they were asked to pretend that they were 22 years younger than their present age." Portions of this post are taken from Lynne McTaggart's blog, whose work contains exhaustive research that produces [...]

Are You Destined to Have Your Parent’s Health?

This might seem pretty radical, but you DO have an effect on your genes and your DNA. Some of you might think that I am so healthy because I have great genes.  Far from the truth.  My mother died at age 56, my father at age 61. I read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, [...]

Can You Even Imagine Doing This?

My best friend.  Age 54 one year ago.  Yoga on paddle board on water.  I can barely do this on my living room floor!   Stay in shape ladies.  My previous post said we have mega years to live yet.  It's not too late to get that body in shape.  Pick some exercise (any kind is [...]

Ladies – Curious as to How Long You Could Live?

Gail Sheehy in her book New Passages, Mapping Your Life Across Time notes some pretty amazing longevity statistics for us ladies. "A woman who reaches age 50 today - and remains free of cancer and heart disease - can expect to see her ninety-second birthday.5" "Even when all women, sickly or well, from every income group [...]

Never Too Old for a Party

Brooke Aster, at 98 glorious years, said "I grow more intense as I age, and I am more passionate about the projects I believe in.  I still enjoy getting dressed elegantly in the evening and making an "entrance" at a party." Taken from Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson