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Time to Let Go of Llama Trekking

As I am getting older, I see things changing in my life and my body.  Not sure where to start on this one as it is a subject that pulls at my heart.  Needing to hike a little slower uphill in these Colorado mountains, running and then walking some on my community trails, letting go of a love of llama trekking which is up for me right now.

Thirteen years ago I opened up a whole new world when I purchased and trained my first llamas.  Never having had an animal bigger than a dog, this was a very intimidating project.  Fortunately, my best friend Dell, was a horse women and we teamed up to train these newbie llamas to take a halter, follow on a lead, load into a trailer, cross streams without jumping over them (and knocking you down in the process), jump over down trees on the trail while fully loaded with gear and basically become trusted, faithful and elegant beasts of burden that followed you anywhere – which they did.

The whole idea of having llamas was to be able to continue to be in the “back country” of these amazing Colorado mountains, hiking and camping for a number of nights without having to carry all my stuff on my back!  I was so over that.  These wonderful animals carried all the camp gear and food, while I carried a day pack with water, lunch/snacks, rain gear, etc.

Quizzer at Hope Pass RainbowLlamas at Bridge

For the past thirteen years, I’ve had the most amazing outings with my llamas.  I’ve had a few different ones, them getting old and needing to be retired, but this year I was the one to retire from llama trekking – very sad to say.


And the letting go wasn’t because I couldn’t do the trekking anymore – it was because I lost my llama trekking buddies to other interests in their lives and finding a partner – who understood large animals, packing saddles and panniers, wilderness navigation, who loved to camp in the wilderness and sleep on the ground – was becoming more and more challenging.  It really isn’t any fun, for me, to do this kind of an outing by myself.

Dawson and GailSo this year I sold my trailer, my share of a great Toyota T-100 truck and actually sold my llama Dawson (to my neighbor – so I can borrow him anytime!).  Can you just see the love?

This is really hard for me.  My llamas have taken me to places and on adventures that I had no idea would be so fun and exciting so many years ago.

This reminds me of when my last son left home for college (I raised 4 boys).  It was such a feeling of loss,  an ending of sorts – one I really didn’t want but knew it was unavoidable.  It’s like that – sad.

At that time I told myself that a whole new world was going to open up for me and it did!  I went to nursing school, I got my BS in Psychology at 50, I moved to Durango, co-founded Heartwood Cohousing and learned to love with a passion my new outdoor SW Colorado mountains.

Could this transition of letting go of my friend Dawson be as amazing as that last boy leaving home?




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