Are You A Two-Faced Hypocrite About Your Aging?

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In the Good Old Days, No One Did Anything About Their Aging

This post is from an article written by Debora L. Spar, president of Barnard College in NYC.

Aging and My Beauty Dilemma

Debora considers herself and her peers liberal, feminist-leaning, a highly educated peer group. She is “ideologically opposed to intervening in such a natural and inevitable process as simply getting on in years.”

Now she is 50 and like many of her peers of that age, “a two-faced hypocrite”.

Those of us who are 50 or older can remember “the good old days”, 20 to 30 years ago, when the idea of halting or slowing aging was only a fantasy, the stuff of ponce de Leon and the fountain of youth. Remember that?  For a woman to have a face lift, a tummy tuck, etc. that was reserved for the very rich, famous and Kardashian like types.

Things have changed.  The pressures on aging women has become more insidious – to stay young, wrinkle free, thin, blond (not gray), whatever.

Ms. Spar is now 50 and torn between her feminist beliefs and her temptations to intervene in her aging.

Here I am in my 70’s. gail-tootsie300xI don’t have a high profile presence (I live in Durango, declared one of the worst dressed cities in the nation in 2012).

I have maintained a fairly wrinkle free face, a happy body size 10 and am very active physically.  For me, altering myself to slow aging is just not a conversation, so it is easy for me to be a feminist with this issue!

But for you, what are your thoughts as you’ve gotten older?  Considering interventions? Why or why not?

I would like you to read Debora Spar’s article in the NY Times Aging and My Beauty Dilemma.  Thought provoking.

 Looking forward to your feedback!

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But for you, what are your thoughts as you've gotten older?

Considering interventions?

Why or why not?